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About Vamsee

Vamsee Shipping Carrier private Limited was founded in 2006 In Chennai ,Tamil Nadu for transportation of Bunkers from the Sea terminals in the East Coast of India

The Company boosted its presence in the region significantly by accurate bunker supply to all the incoming ships in the ports and thereafter increasing the fleet of ocean going oil tankers and barges thus identified as largest local Marine Fuel Supplier.

Vamsee has garnered its business reputation as a dependable and reliable supplier of Marine fuel Products. Employees and Management Team share the expertise extensively in bunkering procedures and marine fuels trade and Supply.


  • Ocean Going Oil Tankers (MS/RSV ACT)


  • FO 180/380 CST and MGO.
  • Fuel Quality Tested at all Grades.
  • Quick Bunkering.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Products complying to MARPOL Standards.
  • Supply at Inner and Outer Port Limits.
  • Separate Tanks for Black and White oil with Provision of Simultaneous loading and Discharging.
  • Supply to the all the ships arriving in the ports of East coast of India.

  • More Number of Barges
  • Round the clock service 24x7 for 365 days
  • Hassle free Services without any delay
  • Training and Safety Reference for Oil Spills
  • Transportation of Bunkers in the Safest Mode
  • Oil Spill Containment and recovery Procedures.
  • Regular drill exercises and upkeep of safety procedures with record of Safety Inspections - all the vessels are double hull and double bottom.

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