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Vert Line Marine Bunkers Private Limited is headquartered in Chennai, the Corporate Office in Visakhapatnam and Branch Office at Krishnapatnam. Management team is strategized to meet the growing demand of quality bunker transportation that meet the latest IMO regulations regarding protection of environment through double hull double bottom vessels and in compliance with Maritime Code. Vert Line is engaged in the Trading and Transportation of Marine Petroleum Products to the shipping industry in the entire East Coast of India


  • Business Associates for Vert Line Marine Bunkers Pvt Ltd are Vamsee Shipping Carrier Pvt Ltd, South India Marine Tankers and Supreme Maraine Tankers Pvt Ltd and Eliite Marine Bunkers India Pvt Ltd
  • Vert Line Marine Bunkers entails Vision, Strategic Leadership and Skillful balancing of Relationship with Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers in a range of Specialities with a gamut of Experts, Protocols and Processes.
  • Vert Line Marine Bunkers Introduced Tailor Made Solutions (TMS) system which provides Transportation as per the guidelines of IMO regarding Protection of the Environment through double hull double bottom vessels and in compliance with Maritime Code.
  • State of the art communication system (24x7) for 365 days assures accurate information from the time of enquiry till the completion of the supply.
  • Vert Line Marine Bunkers is Certified with ISO 9001:2015 in Quality Excellence.
  • Vert Line Marine Bunker's unparalleled dedication, culture of continuous improvement and enhanced safety and reliability is the hallmark.


  • V  -  Value Proposition
  • E  -   Environment Friendly
  • R  -  Reliability
  • T  -  Timely Delivery
  • L  -  Legal Considerations
  • I   -  Improvement
  • N -  Nurturing Talent
  • E  -  Ethical Practices

Our Company




Vert Line Marine Bunker adopts the latest technologies, best in class processes, prioritizing employee safety, influencing ongoing improvements and deliver world class outcomes within the reach of the Marine Fraternity.


One of the Director of Vert Line Marine Bunkers Pvt Ltd is Mr.J.Ramesh Chowdary, who is also the Chairman of M/s Vamsee Shipping Carrier Private Limited and a Partner of M/s South India Marine Tankers based in Chennai and Mr.K.Sudhakar who is the Managing Director, is also The Managing Director of M/s Supreme Maraine Tankers Private Limited in Visakhapatnam and one of the Director of M/s Eliite Marine Bunkers (India) Private Limited. This allows and enables the Directors to monitor the operations independently at Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu respectively.


  • Vert Line Marine Bunkers and its Asscociates, own and operate Oil
    Tankers ( MS ACT / RSV TYPE ) that deliver IFO-180/380 Cst, MGO, MDO and Marine
    Lubricating Products round the clock 24 x 7 for 365 days.
  • Territory is confined to key ports in the East Coast of India such as Haldia, Dhamra,
    Paradip, Gopalpur, Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam, L&T Kattupally, Ennore, Chennai, Karaikal, Tuticorin, Cochin, Mangalore and karwar.
  • Management ensures safe and and reliable supply service in time without any delay.


  • Vert Line Marine Bunker is a Physical Supplier engaged in Trading and  Transportation of Marine Bunkers and lubricants.
  • Vert Line Marine Bunker team ensures accessibility, safety, timely delivery and shares
    the context of products and pricing.
  • Vert Line Marine Bunker's commitment has earned the trust of the ship owners and
    charterers with a wealth of experience and professional knowledge to offer end to end


Ship operators have numerous choices to purchase fuel from any port on transit of their vessels. But, we are the preferred suppliers for re-fuelling by the ship owners and charterers. They choose Vert Line Marine Bunkers and our Associates in the East Coast region for simple reasons of fast and accurate service without any delay and our relentless effort and cooperation on any difficult circumstance ensuring their interest and utmost satisfaction. Our Partners have created a realization of right choice with accurate and timely delivery in the most safest mode with experienced staffs which has led to a strong customer bonding and partner focus, enhancing our proven track of record and success.

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