Today it is Oil , tomorrow it could be new kinds of fuel . In this ever changing market VertLine and Green Fuels group is committed to serve shipping industry. Here is what we do :

  • Bunker Trading : We trade bunkers with global shipping clients and they rely on us as we offer valued and best prices in the market. We entailed vision, strategic leadership and skillful balancing of relationship with shipowners , operators and charters in range of specialties with a gamut of experts, protocols and processes.
  • Physical Supply : We are India’s largest and trusted physical bunker supplier and established a foot hold in the industry. Physical supplies are essential growth for us and reflect our aspiration to become ever more client friendly.
  • Risk Management : We help our clients manage risk.  VertLine conduct business by dedication in identifying  potential risks and mitigating price – risk and minimize their exposure. We provide updates to our customers about changes in market conditions on real time basis.